Anonymous asked:

Hi Sibylline, will you post other things on your fashion blog Confetti with Maelle R. or did you give up ?

sibyllinesketchblog answered:

We never give up !


But for now you can check Maëlle’s blog Cirque de Papier, her artworks are amaziiingkmlskdmf 


Hehe, preach ! 💗

We’ll be back sooner than you think !

☼ Confetti - week 6

Hi guys ! :)

After a short break, we’re back with 2 broke Girls;

This time  we drew Max and Caroline wearing Prada SS 2012, a  lovely and colorful collection (just as those girls) !

[Max Black by Sibylline | Caroline Channing by Maëlle]

And be prepared for December: we will make a special feature during the whole month ! :)


Confetti, week 5 !

Hi everyone !

Sorry for the delay, it was a tough week :)
So this time, we chose two famous witches, from the Harry Potter saga: Ginny and Hermione, wearing gowns from Elie Saab Couture (Fall 2010/2011) !
We wanted them to look sophisticated, like in the “Harry Potter & the goblet of fire" ball scene… ;)

We hope you enjoy !

[Ginny by Sibylline | Hermione by Maëlle]


By the way, we opened a press page, to stock our reviews.
There’s just one for now, thank to Draw a Dot ! :)


Hi guys ! Special feature !

This week we dediced to draw two of our favourite Disney villans wearing Alexander McQueen Fall 2010 for Halloween ; Maleficent and Cruella De Vil !

[Maleficient by Sibylline | Cruella De Vil by Maëlle]


Hi everyone !

So we decided to run a blog together, with a challenge: once a week, we chose a specific collection and a pop culture theme, then we make a fashion illustration and post it here !

We start with Mad Men and two of its iconic ladies, Betty Draper and Joan Holloway; both of them are wearing Dior Spring / Summer 2013 !

We hope you’ll enjoy our work <3

Sibylline & Maëlle

[Betty Draper by Sibylline / Joan Holloway by Maëlle]